Other People’s Kids

If you judge this post by the title, you might think I’m going to start complaining about how other people raise their kids.  Really, I don’t care about that at all.  This is about posting pictures of other people’s kids on social media.

We’ve all seen “friends” on facebook that are posting pictures of their nieces or nephews or those posting pics of their friend’s children.  I’m here to tell you, this drives me up the wall.  I cringe when I see people posting daily pictures of their week old nephew, most likely without asking the parent’s permission.

Here’s why it annoys me: Nobody should publicly post a child’s picture for literally the whole world to see without asking for the parent’s permission, if ever at all.  In my opinion, a parent is the only person who can protect their child’s “internet identity,” and the more random people posting pictures of your child, the harder this will be.

I understand we live in a very strange world, where we feel like we must share every moment with every person we know.  So seeing your best friend’s baby is exciting, and you want everyone to know how lucky you are to know such an awesome tiny human.  We parents are so glad you feel this way about our baby, but at the same time, our children deserve to build their own online identity when they are old enough.  It shouldn’t be done for them when they can’t even lift their heads yet.

I do post a picture of Hazel once or twice per month on my facebook page, to share with family and the small amount of friends I have on there.  I also have an instagram in which I post a picture or two per week, but you have to request to see them, or have the link to this blog to view them on here.  And, of course, I share them on here from time to time because WordPress doesn’t own my pictures like facebook does when I post them.  I am in charge of what pictures are posted, and I wouldn’t appreciate someone posting her pictures without my expressed permission.

So before you post a picture of someone else’s children on your facebook, think twice.  Ask them for permission, or send them the photo to decide if they’d like to post it themselves.  And thank you to everyone who does ask first.  It’s greatly appreciated.


Figure It Out

There are parts of motherhood that are extremely confusing.  You are basically doing it on your own, and advice from other people can help, but is usually useless.  Trial and error can help, but a lot of the time you have no clue what you’re doing.

Hazel is teething right now.  It’s probably the most annoying thing about having a baby.  She pretty much hates her life.  We started giving her ibuprofen so she will sleep at night, but during the day she is in pain, and I sometimes have to give her some so she can even take a nap.  So she’s tired all the time.  And when the F*** IS THIS TOOTH GOING TO COME IN?!  It’s right there.  Sharp as hell, just poking through all nice and crooked.  For days!  When will it decide to come through all the way?  Weeks?  And it’s only the one, which means when it comes in the one next to it will probably start to come through and we will be right back where we started.  So I’m just suppose to give her ibuprofen for the next year and a half?  The bottle says don’t use for more than ten days in a row.  Annoying.

This leads me to another confusing part of being a parent: the dosage on the bottle.  It gives weight and age, and then corresponding dosage.  Um, okay.  My baby is gargantuan, so do you go with the weight or the age?  We’ve been going with weight.  Apparently a 6-12 month old baby is supposed to be less than eighteen pounds?  My baby is more than twenty, which puts her in the 12-18 month category.  Yeesh.

Feeding solids gets confusing too.  Every baby is different, and you pretty much just have to guess when your kid is ready for something like eggs or cottage cheese.  I am also guessing at how much to feed her.  Because I have no freaking idea.  I had just figured out how much formula to feed her in a day, and then it’s time to give her real human food.  So you start with single grain cereals.  And then you add fruit and veggie purée and then you have to guess how much of that you’re supposed to be giving.  Then you need to do three meals a day and you need veggies, protein, fruits, cereals, and formula.  WTF.  I feel like Hazel is already needing the three meals, and I’m already giving her finger foods and things she has to chew.  Feeding her and making her food is turning into a lot of work.  Meal planning, ya know?

It’s not always as simple as giving her what we make, because if we have pizza for dinner, Hazel obviously has to eat healthy foods, so I have to make her something different.  My baby eats better than me anyway.  I feel like as I learn to cook her meals, our meals will morph into healthy things, because that’s what I’ll be making her already.  I go to Whole Foods for this kid!  She eats only fresh food, and I would eat McDonald’s probably every day because I’m gross like that.  I don’t want her to get our bad habits.  Sorry, this was off topic!

ANYWAY, I’m glad to have my sister, because we can complain to each other about how confusing this all is.  I always tell her that we must not be doing it completely wrong because they are still alive and not deathly ill or anything.  That is my parenting style in a nutshell.  Maybe the next child will be more fortunate because I’ll have some kind of elusive baby wisdom that I couldn’t possibly have had with the first.

By the way, if you have any input on any of these confusing topics, please share.  I really have no idea what’s going on anymore.

The Love That Let Us Share Our Name

It’s definitely an Avett Bros kind of day, wouldn’t you agree?  In our part of Texas, today has been cloudy and cold.  Cold of course being seventy-seven degrees for our high.  But still, it’s breezy and makes me feel like “winter is coming.”  I suppose that it is.

I’m ready for November to get here so we can go vote for Wendy.  I don’t think she is going to win unfortunately, but it’s worth a shot!  Oh, and I can’t wait to vote for Gallego just because I can’t stand that ad against him talking about how he didn’t vote for the pipeline to come through TX, so we lost out on jobs or whatever their point is.  I hope you are all looking forward to voting as well because these are the most important elections.

I’ve noticed a lot of people say they are republican or democrat but actually side with the other party on the majority of issues.  So please, before you go to the polls, do a little research and make sure you’re voting for the person that actually represents you, don’t just vote for the party you think you should belong to.

I don’t even know why I’m talking about that anyway.

Conor Oberst

On Saturday night David and I were able to head to Austin to see Conor Oberst live.  We have seen him once before in Champaign, IL as Bright Eyes, but it was completely different.  The Bright Eyes show was indoors in a theater on the U of I campus and it wasn’t general admission.

General admission tickets can be annoying at times, and I’ve seen my fair share of shows that I was actually glad to be able to just sit down and enjoy the music (Death Cab for Cutie comes to mind) but this show had a mood and attitude to it.  He described it best himself as “sultry.”  I’ve seen a lot of bands perform and have never experienced this before.  Being 25 years old I don’t get very excited about music anymore, and seeing him kind of reignited my love for him, not that I had entirely ever lost it in the first place.

He played at Stubb’s, which is this garbage BBQ joint with truly terrible food and a gargantuan cockroach on the wall which really made me want to eat even more.  Even their coca cola classic was bad.  Conor played outside, which was basically like a hole in the ground with a stage at the front of it.  People lined up a few hours in advance, but of course being 25 I know better than to stand in the unforgiving Texas heat at 5 PM, so we hung out at a bar that employed Dan Kranz’s doppelgänger.  He was a bro.  It was open to the street which was lovely because it was gay pride day and there were a lot of amazing people in drag.  And you know I love drag.

The show started at 8 so we went in at 7:30 and grabbed a couple of Dos Equis.  We found a great spot about fifteen people from the front in the center which was plenty close.  The gentleman who opened for him was just okay in my opinion, but he definitely helped set the tone for Conor.  It was extremely hot and humid, which I think is what most made it feel sultry.  Everyone was smoking weed and a heady cloud settled over the crowd.  Honestly, we probably had quite the contact high as the night progressed.

I really hate to use a word as common as amazing to describe Conor’s performance Saturday, but really what word is better?  He played a great mix of his songs, old and new, and I doubt that anyone was disappointed.  I was slightly surprised we didn’t get Lua, but Old Soul Song for the New World Order was definitely one of my favorites.

I’m so glad that we were able to see him, and if ever I could say anything to him, it would be thank you for being brilliant and thank you for coming to Austin so this new mom and dad could have an evening with you.

© Carli Garrison and cllgarrison, 2014

My Favorite Time of Year Is Upon Us

TELEVISION RETURNS!!!  Oh, how I have missed thee.  Summer TV just isn’t the same, and neither is my life without you fall TV lineup!  I know, I know, you’re all excited too.

Last night Sons of Anarchy returned.  It’s two and a half hours long.  So I was able to watch an hour of it, but with Hazel not taking a single nap yesterday, I had to go to sleep because I didn’t know how she would be at night.  (She cried about three times but soothed herself back to sleep, in case you were wondering.)  I’m eager to finish that when Hazel takes her morning nap, IF she does.  I hate Gemma!  She is probably the character in TV I’ve hated the most, ever.  If you’re watching it, too, you probably feel the same way.

I’m probably the most excited for The Mindy Project, Nashville, and Parenthood to return.  Parenthood is my all time favorite show, probably ever.  If you’ve never seen it, you have time to catch up on Netflix.  The final season starts September 25, and I can’t believe it will be over.  It’s about the Braverman’s, a tight knit family living in California.  This show makes me laugh, cry, and feel like I’m part of their family, honestly.  You don’t even have to be a parent to love it, because I started watching a few years ago before Hazel was even a thought in our minds.  

There are of course plenty of new shows I’m looking forward to catching.  Selfie and Manhattan Love Story among them.  I hope MLS is good because I need something in my life to replace How I Met Your Mother.  Those both premiere back to back on Sept. 30.

So what are you looking forward to?


© Carli Garrison and cllgarrison, 2014