Philadelphia and Other Things

So for the last week the Garrisons were in Philadelphia visiting the Kranzes.

I obviously had some anxieties about flying with a one year old, who wouldn’t?  Honestly, Hazel always proves to me I need not worry about her.  She did just fine, and was the best child under five on the way there and back, despite being exhausted.  We did buy her her own seat to minimize stress and tantrums, and strapping her in her car seat was probably a life saver in this situation.  We even let her have apple juice for the first time, probably the last time if we’re being honest.  (We don’t do juice, just water and milk.)

It was great to see Erin and Dan and especially Danny, who has changed so much since I saw him about ten months ago.  He is adorable.  He is Hazel’s opposite in most ways, physically and personality-wise.  I enjoyed being able to see what having two babies will be like, which will be hard but also rewarding.

I learned things about Hazel’s personality that I never really noticed before; She’s nice!  She gave Danny kisses and brushed his hair and washed him in the bath with her washcloth.  She liked to be around him, even if she annoyed him with her constant touching and toy taking.  I think she will make a great big sister.  She is also tenacious.  I’ve always known this, but having her around another child really let me know it’s a part of her personality.  She would find a toy and hold onto it all day, and she was determined to climb the stairs repeatedly.  Even with the baby gate over the stairs, she tried climbing over it until she actually nearly injured herself.  She is somewhat shy, but warms up quickly.  She is hilarious, and likes to make everyone laugh.

Midway through our visit, we had professional pictures taken of all of us, and I hope to remember to post the link on here.

We are certainly glad to be home though.  Hazel didn’t sleep well at Erin’s, which means I didn’t sleep well, and we all were looking forward to sleeping in our own beds last night.  Today was nice to be just Hazel and me.  She was very sweet and I think she missed my one on one undivided attention.

Today I’m twenty-two weeks pregnant.  Baby is growing a lot every week.  I’m looking forward to August, though.  I’m not the biggest fan of being pregnant, but I do like the baby in the end.

Hazel’s new room is almost done being painted.  David should be able to work on it more in the next few weeks when he graduates with his MBA.  He will have so much more time, we won’t know what to do with ourselves.  Anyway, once the trim is painted everything else should come together rather quickly.  Once her room is complete, all I’ll really have to get for New Baby is a double stroller, which I already have picked out, we just need to save for it because it’s rather pricey.

Okay, hopefully I’ll post later in the week or next week about the pictures, but for now I must go meet the pizza delivery man or woman.


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