Time Is a Resource I Never Have Enough Of

I wish I had more time to write here.  Hazel has been so busy lately; always on the move and napping less.  She is also eating more which can be time consuming because I prepare all of her meals still.

I’m also almost fourteen weeks pregnant, which means I am just starting to feel a little more like “myself” again — whoever that is anyway.  But that really means I am lazy as hell because I am exhausted from making a human being.  So sometimes my brain just doesn’t work.  Many days I laugh because I can barely form sentences when David gets home from work.  It’s as if I don’t know what talking even is.  I talk to Hazel, yes, but she isn’t much for conversation yet.

I’m slightly terrified that I’ll be having another tiny human dictator to care for in August.  There are going to be great moments, and hard moments, and many things I’m probably not ready for.  But I just have to be.  The benefit is that I’m not going to be as nervous to be a mom like I was with Hazel.  I had never even held a baby or changed a diaper, and that anxiety can really take away from the first few weeks of bonding with your baby.  I’m looking forward to already being a pro at all of these things, and having a second chance to breast feed.  If it doesn’t work again this time, I also won’t have that guilt about having to switch to formula and I can just enjoy being able to feed my baby.

So baby number two is something our whole family will be looking forward to this year.  I’m also planning a trip to Philadelphia around April 6, because Erin still hasn’t been able to meet Haze.  This unfortunately means no trips home to Illinois this year, but all are welcome to visit us here in San Antonio.

Anyway, I must go chase this baby around.  Have a great week everyone!


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