I’ve truly meant to update more often!  But I’ve had a teething almost-ten-month-old to deal with the last week, and every minute I have alone, I kind of just want to lie down in silence.  Maybe in my bed with the covers over my head.

Teething is pure evil.  Not a lot can make you feel worse for your child.  Hazel has to be in some serious pain, especially when the tooth is cutting through.  As far as I can tell, she only has one tooth coming, next to her other lonely tooth.  So now she shall be called The Two Teeth Wonder henceforth.  Napping has been a disaster.  I don’t know what I will get from her day to day.  Today she has been fairly happy and sweet, if not slightly annoying by making a bee-line for any and all things plugged into the wall.  This past weekend, however, was an entirely different story.

We had Mega-Brat on our hands.  She hated basically everything imaginable, did not want to nap, woke up during the night, and was just all around whiney.  But, this weekend we didn’t know she was teething.  I even gave her ibuprofen, because I suspected, but it didn’t seem to help her demeanor at all.  That made me think she wasn’t.

And then last night, while she was giving me this huge smile that showed every millimeter of gums, I could see it there, red and swollen.  How she could even smile like that with a sharp milk tooth lurking just under the skin I will never know.  I suppose that’s the resiliency of infants.  And possibly why we don’t remember shit from being that age; it’s too traumatic to remember.

Anyway, right now we are having “quiet time.”  This is where she sits in her crib and takes short snoozes and plays with her favorite stuffed animal, and I sit on the computer writing a blog post.  Other times I eat.  Or take a shower.  Or catch up on TV from the last week.  I’m ready for this tooth to break though so we can get back to normal, at least until the next tooth.  Or ten teeth, considering her age and how few she currently has.

I previously mentioned eating during quiet time, so I probably ought to do that.  Have a great day, and send good vibes to little Haze and hope we all get through this.


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