What To Say

So I feel like I haven’t been blogging a lot lately because I don’t have a lot to say.  Or at least I can never remember what I wanted to write about.  I think it’s all related to my mom brains.  I’m also working on writing something outside of this blog, plus I’m in the middle of reading a book, so between all that and having a sick/teething baby the last few weeks, I haven’t had time for much else.

I do feel that blogging has helped me remember my narrative voice, which is something I definitely had to rediscover.  I thought that I would have written a novel by my age, but other things have inevitably gotten in the way of that goal.  And then you kind of bury it or stash it away somewhere for later and eventually you almost forget it was ever a goal/dream of yours in the first place.  When you find it again and brush off the years of silt that’s piled on top of it, you can reclaim it and reimagine it.  That’s what I’d like to do.

I saw Interstellar over the weekend, and it really jump started my imagination that I thought I’d lost a long time ago.  It was truly an incredible film, and for me it opened up doors I’d long ago let shut.  I used to wonder and ponder over things like space and the unknown, and the last few years I’ve really cared nothing about it.  But Interstellar was just everything in a movie and it was inspiring to know that another human could actually think of that story.  Granted, he is obviously a very gifted individual, but it was so refreshing to see original ideas on the screen.  I am going to see it again next week, and I am so looking forward to it.

I got out the camera yesterday to snap a few pictures of Hazel.  It’s been awhile since I’ve used a real camera instead of my iphone.  The pictures on my Canon are so much better than I can ever hope to get from my phone, and to capture her happy disposition gives me a satisfaction that can’t be described.  Years from now I can look back and remember how truly happy she always was (or possibly still will be) and that it wasn’t just smiling for the camera.  She is almost always as happy as she looks.  Unless she’s sick or teething.



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