That Baby Life is Busy

Hazel has been teething for a few weeks now, and the tooth is through but not all the way.  So I’ve been dealing with that annoyance, and then of course, she had to get sick.  I suppose it isn’t surprising since their immune systems are lower while teething, so she is bound to pick up something.

Baby colds are pretty terrible.  Not only could she not breathe, she couldn’t eat or sleep because of it.  We had to go four different places to find a freaking NoseFrida, and then she hates having it used on her.  So then one of us has to hold her down and the other has to suck out the snot and boogers from where they lie deep within her head, probably past her brain.

And so of course when you’re dealing with copious amounts of mucous, you get sick yourself.  It could be from the baby’s snot that has probably coated every inch of her skin, even though she’s only been awake for twenty-three minutes, or possibly the fact that she had to sleep with us if any of us wanted a few hours of sleep.  Even the dogs were probably annoyed after the first night of hardcore screaming for no apparent reason.  Alex gave me the side-eye several times, probably saying “Shut that baby up!”

I had never had to take her temperature before, as this was her first bout of sickness, so I was super nervous to have to stick something up her poor little baby butt.  I was grossed out and mortified at the shame I would surely cause her.  I coated the metal part of the thermometer with water-based lubricant, and nervously inserted it.  And guess what?  She didn’t notice and she didn’t care.  And then I was a pro, didn’t even need David’s help.  The things first time moms worry about for no reason, I could probably go on and on, but that’s probably a whole post for a different time.

Anyway, we all survived, and she is back in her own bed sleeping like a freaking champion.  She’s mostly recovered, except she still has some serious drainage from her nose every once in a while, which requires wiping or sucking out.

I was sick over the weekend, but am feeling slightly better.  I didn’t get to go see Interstellar, so I’ll be catching that in IMAX this weekend.

Pretty soon David and I will be cleaning the house in preparation for Thanksgiving, in which P&G will be coming down to visit.  Hopefully they don’t bring more sickness with them on the plane, but I’m sure they will be wearing full HazMat gear, right guys?  We will put up our beautiful Christmas tree this weekend so we have time to enjoy it.  We are leaving for IL on December 20th, weather permitting, and I want to have plenty of opportunity to stare at my tree with my baby.

I’ll try to post again soon.  Happy Veterans Day!


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