I see a lot of movies.  Well, more so before Hazel, but I still make a point to go to see a movie in the theater almost every weekend.  I have a hard time watching movies at home now of days because I am constantly being interrupted by my infant, but maybe someday I can rent more.

This weekend I watched Men, Women & Children.  I posted about this movie a little while ago with a trailer, and it finally came out this weekend.  I won’t lie to you, it kind of depressed me.  It brought to my attention the fact that one day I’ll be raising a teenager in a virtual world full of cell phones and ipads and who even knows what else?  My first thought was that I hope I never have any boys because there is so much pornography online.  Sex was a really central topic for this film.  One of the kids was fifteen years old, and when he attempted to lose his virginity he could not perform because he was so dependent on porn and deviant behaviors depicted in the pornography that he couldn’t even get an erection.  And this is not a new concept, I’ve even known a person with that same issue, according to his ex-girlfriend.  I am telling you, I am so happy I have a daughter.

My next thought was that my parents totally got lucky!  Facebook and all of this social media bullshit really exploded after I graduated high school, and I feel like my parents didn’t have to worry as much about me as I will have to worry about Hazel.  There’s so much more bullying and objectification and sex online that kids have access to at any time of day, on any device.  Kids just have to deal with so much now.  I’m going to try not to worry too much about this stuff right now, I can just push these fears away for about thirteen more years if I’m lucky, ten if I’m not.

But after the movie, I got to come home to my baby and kiss her and squeeze her blubbery thighs (thank you Christina) and watch her crawl/scoot all over the place.  She is getting so big so fast and I can’t believe it.  Erin and I are already talking about the babies’ first birthday party which will hopefully happen as a joint endeavor.  Of course this is totally acceptable because we live really far away from our family, so a lot of advanced notice is necessary.



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