I Have a Six Month Old Baby

And she is huge.  Hazel is 19 and 1/2 lbs and 27 inches long.  I think we all could guess she was a big baby, but it’s nice to know for sure.

She had four shots today and didn’t cry until the last one, which the nurse told us would sting the most.  She stopped crying when I picked her up and shoved her bottle in her mouth.  It’s always so sad to see them hurt like that, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts.  She is napping right now and hasn’t had any negative side effects from her vaccinations this morning.  Well, maybe she had a little separation anxiety when I put her down for her nap.  She cried for a few minutes but then quickly fell asleep.

We had a great visit with my dad.  He went home yesterday, though I don’t think he wanted to leave Haze.  I can’t blame him, she is basically the most adorable thing on earth.  When he got here she didn’t even cry and let him pick her up after a few minutes of intently staring at him.  While he was here Hazel developed her fake cough for attention, which she employed on at least an hourly basis to get a smile from her grandpa.  He fed her, changed her diaper all the time, and watched her when we went to Austin on Saturday night.  We even adventured to the mall and to Kohl’s, where he bought Haze a book and a stuffed animal and a super adorable sleeper for Christmas with reindeer on the feet.  Hopefully she will still be in 12 month sizes in three months.  She is currently in 9 month but she is only a few weeks away from needing the next size up (12 mo.)  Again, because she is huge.

Anyway, we are going to Six Flags this weekend so hopefully I will have a few pictures of her there.

IMG_1500 IMG_1492 IMG_0378


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