Personal Blurb

It’s been a little while since I wrote a personal update, so here it goes.  Hazel is as adorable as ever, and is rolling all over the place.  Why crawl when you can roll across the floor in just a few seconds?  It’s time to baby proof.

We’ve had a little trouble with naps lately, but thankfully not today.  She’s basically been a perfect angel this afternoon, which is what I’m used to so I’m glad she’s back.  Hazel is also officially weaned from the pacifier.  I had a goal of having this done by six months, so we’re actually a little early.  I totally get why parents let their babies keep them for a long time: it’s such a comfort and sometimes the only thing that will calm your little one.  But I hate seeing them.  Nothing like a pacifier to ruin a beautiful picture.  Plus, when they drop on the floor in the grocery store, it’s super annoying to either go wash it in the restroom or have another one on hand that isn’t also dirty.  Anyway, Hazel is convinced she is a big kid so she don’t need no stinkin’ paci!

My dad is coming to visit on September 18.  We are all excited to see him, and I’m sure he is excited to see how much Haze has changed since June.  David and I are going to Austin on the 20th to see Conor Oberst play at Stubb’s.  I think we are going to stay the night, though we’ve completely neglected to reserve a room anywhere.  So I guess I need to do that this week.  My dad is staying until the 22nd and the next day we have Hazel’s six month well baby appointment, so I’ll update her stats after that.

The 27th we are going to Six Flags on USAA’s dime.  They pay for a particular part of the company to go every September, and being in IT, David falls into that sect.  We’re going to bring Hazel and only stay for a few hours and probably just play their over priced games for the ugliest stuffed animal you’ve ever seen.

I took a few pictures of Hazel today.  Here is my favorite one:

IMG_1305 - Version 2


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