Pinterest Is Hilarious

Once upon a time, I loved Pinterest.  Some might say I was obsessed with it, and spent hours just looking at random shit that I thought was cool or a good idea or looked freaking delicious because I was hungry.  If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it’s this big online bulletin board where you can “pin” sites, recipes, articles, and pictures that you like or want to come back to later.  It’s actually a brilliant idea, and whoever invented it must be totally awesome.  

I like Pinterest when you are planning something.  Great for weddings and creative ideas.  I loved it when I was pregnant so I could plan how my perfect baby and life were going to be.  I pinned like it was my job.  Everything from how to make baby food to nursery decor, to actual parenting advice.  Well now I’ve had a baby, and I never, ever use it.  So I thought I’d fire it up and take a look to see if I could find some fun do it yourself activities for Hazel.

It’s changed a lot.  It now shows you random bitches that you don’t give any shits about.  I don’t care what this stranger pins, Pinterest.  Don’t you understand that!?  Pinterest thinks it knows me, and it doesn’t.  It shows the same garbage over and over again when you are browsing categories.  Totally annoying.  

Then I noticed something else: it’s completely stupid.  People are pinning things like “Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night” and crap like that.  Things dumb pregnant people think will be useful.  What a super stressed out parent who has a frustrating sleeper is desperate for.  And really, it’s just cruel pandering that won’t help anyone at all.  Your baby sleeps when it wants to sleep like an OG.  

As parents, we tend to spend a lot of time worrying if our baby is normal.  I’m sure there are people out there that scan Pinterest (and probably forums on Baby Center) to solve their baby’s “problems.”  Or to see if a certain behavior is considered on target.  We’ve all done it.  But how about instead of clogging up Pinterest with shit articles that are written by someone who probably isn’t a doctor or an expert on the subject, talk to your pediatrician or friends or something.  

Needless to say I couldn’t find anything I wanted on Pinterest because it’s so bogged down with crap like establishing a sleep cycle and why cry it out is bad (duh) and recycled articles on why organic is best.  

What do you guys think of Pinterest?  Still great, or getting lame?

Here is a pic of Hazel to entertain you.

I really like her crusty face and drool.

I really like her crusty face and drool.


© Carli Garrison and cllgarrison, 2014


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