The Visit Is Over

We all had a great Labor Day Weekend!  Friday night we decided to go out to eat at Perico’s with the fam.  We ate outside even though it was still 90 degrees, but at least our food didn’t get cold!  Our Dos Equis did get warm a little fast for my liking.  Hazel got pretty fussy toward the end because she was really hot even though we stripped her down and she was very tired because her naps that day were just completely messed up.

Saturday morning Pam and I got ready and took Hazel shopping.  At first she really was enjoying herself because we stopped at Carter’s for fifty percent off of everything.  Then we went to La Cantera which is an outdoor mall, and that was seriously brutal.  I was sweating like I am 600 lbs even though I was wearing a dress, and Hazel was starting to get pretty annoyed.  We had to cut things kind of shorter than we’d wanted so we could get her home for a bottle and nap.  Pam and Geo were nice enough to watch Hazel for us so we could go to dinner and then go downtown to the river with Elliott.  We had so much fun and Elliott and I sang karaoke, and I did a song with some random girl I’d never met and her fabulous friend who was our “back up dancer.”  He was awesome!  

The bad part about drinking and staying up late is that you still have to get up with the baby in the morning.  Thankfully David has Hazel duty on the weekends so I got to sleep a little bit more than him.  He and Geo stayed with Hazel so Pam and I could go out to finish our shopping expeditions.  She got $120 worth of Murad products for two cents at Ulta.  For real!  Neither one of us could believe it, honestly.  So thanks to that manager for making our day!  

Sadly, we decided not to go to the zoo, because by 8 am it’s about 85 degrees already, and with how fussy Hazel was all weekend from missing naps, we felt like she wouldn’t even enjoy it and she would want a nap by 11 AM if we got there at 9.  So hopefully we can go when they come in November when the temperatures will be much more tolerable.  

I just got back from taking them to the airport and getting some dog food and some more clothes from Carter’s with our $40 in rewards.

Here are a few pictures I took this weekend.

Our family

Our family

D & P & G

D & P & G

IMG_1191 IMG_1177

Loving all her new toys

Loving all her new toys






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