Now that I have sappy mom brains, this really speaks to me.  You never want to let them go.


I Have a Six Month Old Baby

And she is huge.  Hazel is 19 and 1/2 lbs and 27 inches long.  I think we all could guess she was a big baby, but it’s nice to know for sure.

She had four shots today and didn’t cry until the last one, which the nurse told us would sting the most.  She stopped crying when I picked her up and shoved her bottle in her mouth.  It’s always so sad to see them hurt like that, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts.  She is napping right now and hasn’t had any negative side effects from her vaccinations this morning.  Well, maybe she had a little separation anxiety when I put her down for her nap.  She cried for a few minutes but then quickly fell asleep.

We had a great visit with my dad.  He went home yesterday, though I don’t think he wanted to leave Haze.  I can’t blame him, she is basically the most adorable thing on earth.  When he got here she didn’t even cry and let him pick her up after a few minutes of intently staring at him.  While he was here Hazel developed her fake cough for attention, which she employed on at least an hourly basis to get a smile from her grandpa.  He fed her, changed her diaper all the time, and watched her when we went to Austin on Saturday night.  We even adventured to the mall and to Kohl’s, where he bought Haze a book and a stuffed animal and a super adorable sleeper for Christmas with reindeer on the feet.  Hopefully she will still be in 12 month sizes in three months.  She is currently in 9 month but she is only a few weeks away from needing the next size up (12 mo.)  Again, because she is huge.

Anyway, we are going to Six Flags this weekend so hopefully I will have a few pictures of her there.

IMG_1500 IMG_1492 IMG_0378

Conor Oberst

On Saturday night David and I were able to head to Austin to see Conor Oberst live.  We have seen him once before in Champaign, IL as Bright Eyes, but it was completely different.  The Bright Eyes show was indoors in a theater on the U of I campus and it wasn’t general admission.

General admission tickets can be annoying at times, and I’ve seen my fair share of shows that I was actually glad to be able to just sit down and enjoy the music (Death Cab for Cutie comes to mind) but this show had a mood and attitude to it.  He described it best himself as “sultry.”  I’ve seen a lot of bands perform and have never experienced this before.  Being 25 years old I don’t get very excited about music anymore, and seeing him kind of reignited my love for him, not that I had entirely ever lost it in the first place.

He played at Stubb’s, which is this garbage BBQ joint with truly terrible food and a gargantuan cockroach on the wall which really made me want to eat even more.  Even their coca cola classic was bad.  Conor played outside, which was basically like a hole in the ground with a stage at the front of it.  People lined up a few hours in advance, but of course being 25 I know better than to stand in the unforgiving Texas heat at 5 PM, so we hung out at a bar that employed Dan Kranz’s doppelgänger.  He was a bro.  It was open to the street which was lovely because it was gay pride day and there were a lot of amazing people in drag.  And you know I love drag.

The show started at 8 so we went in at 7:30 and grabbed a couple of Dos Equis.  We found a great spot about fifteen people from the front in the center which was plenty close.  The gentleman who opened for him was just okay in my opinion, but he definitely helped set the tone for Conor.  It was extremely hot and humid, which I think is what most made it feel sultry.  Everyone was smoking weed and a heady cloud settled over the crowd.  Honestly, we probably had quite the contact high as the night progressed.

I really hate to use a word as common as amazing to describe Conor’s performance Saturday, but really what word is better?  He played a great mix of his songs, old and new, and I doubt that anyone was disappointed.  I was slightly surprised we didn’t get Lua, but Old Soul Song for the New World Order was definitely one of my favorites.

I’m so glad that we were able to see him, and if ever I could say anything to him, it would be thank you for being brilliant and thank you for coming to Austin so this new mom and dad could have an evening with you.

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It’s Allergy Season in TX

At least for me!  I usually don’t have issues until October, but really it just happens whenever the tree, weed, and mold pollen decides to be moderate or high.  In central Texas, we have pollen basically all year long.  Other than the over the top women/minority hating repubs, this is the thing I hate the most about living here.  Allergies just make you feel like garbage all day.  Or, usually, I feel okay mid morning and by the afternoon, my head is likely to explode.  I am so thankful for Zyrtec D, because I could not survive without it.  This time has been pretty manageable, but I’m sure that later in the fall it will be brutal.  Joy!

I can’t believe it’s almost fall.  I know it’s really cliche to say that, but honestly, my baby is almost six months old and soon it’s going to be Halloween.  And we all know what happens after that: a holiday every few weeks until the new year.  It will be a whirlwind season for us.  I have a halloween costume for Haze, and I also got her a “My First Turkey Day” bib.  I’m excited for all of her firsts, and I honestly can’t wait.  She’s getting so big.

She can’t wait for her grandpa to arrive on Thursday!  We’ve already cleaned the house for his arrival.  Mostly, David did this.  I asked him to vacuum downstairs, and when I came down with Hazel he’d done everything.  He’s such an awesome husband!

Still loves bathtime!  We will probably retire the laundry basket soon.

Still loves bathtime! We will probably retire the laundry basket soon.

Personal Blurb

It’s been a little while since I wrote a personal update, so here it goes.  Hazel is as adorable as ever, and is rolling all over the place.  Why crawl when you can roll across the floor in just a few seconds?  It’s time to baby proof.

We’ve had a little trouble with naps lately, but thankfully not today.  She’s basically been a perfect angel this afternoon, which is what I’m used to so I’m glad she’s back.  Hazel is also officially weaned from the pacifier.  I had a goal of having this done by six months, so we’re actually a little early.  I totally get why parents let their babies keep them for a long time: it’s such a comfort and sometimes the only thing that will calm your little one.  But I hate seeing them.  Nothing like a pacifier to ruin a beautiful picture.  Plus, when they drop on the floor in the grocery store, it’s super annoying to either go wash it in the restroom or have another one on hand that isn’t also dirty.  Anyway, Hazel is convinced she is a big kid so she don’t need no stinkin’ paci!

My dad is coming to visit on September 18.  We are all excited to see him, and I’m sure he is excited to see how much Haze has changed since June.  David and I are going to Austin on the 20th to see Conor Oberst play at Stubb’s.  I think we are going to stay the night, though we’ve completely neglected to reserve a room anywhere.  So I guess I need to do that this week.  My dad is staying until the 22nd and the next day we have Hazel’s six month well baby appointment, so I’ll update her stats after that.

The 27th we are going to Six Flags on USAA’s dime.  They pay for a particular part of the company to go every September, and being in IT, David falls into that sect.  We’re going to bring Hazel and only stay for a few hours and probably just play their over priced games for the ugliest stuffed animal you’ve ever seen.

I took a few pictures of Hazel today.  Here is my favorite one:

IMG_1305 - Version 2