A Touchy Subject

By now, we have all been made aware of what happened in Ferguson, MO.  I have to say, I have no opinion on it really, because there seems to be a lot of different things flying around out there.  I only want to say one thing: why does this keep coming up as a racial issue?  People are killed by police all of the time, and there are white and black people that end up “wrongfully” killed.  We had that white college guy here in San Antonio that was shot and killed by a campus police officer last year.  He was also unarmed.  

Don’t let the media make this a racial issue for you.  Don’t let them perpetuate racism in this country as they try to do everyday.  They are constantly trying to divide the country, because it’s better for their interests.  I’m not saying race had nothing to do with what happened, maybe the white officer was afraid of a black kid.  Maybe that fear was planted as a racist seed when he was a boy by family members, who knows?  It is a tragedy that he was killed by anyone, and I can’t say I know any details for certain since I obviously wasn’t there.  Two lives are now ruined.  

I think that instead of playing the race card, which is so easy to do, let’s look beyond that.  Maybe officers should be trained more, maybe personality tests should be done more thoroughly, maybe their roles need to be better defined.  But twisting this into something that will divide our nation is not the answer.


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