597 Memories

Yesterday I turned on my old Canon Powershot.  I hadn’t looked at it in a very long time so I decided to upload all the pictures onto my laptop.  There were 597.  They were all good memories, and many things I had forgotten about completely.  Most all of the pictures were from Illinois, but some were when we first moved to San Antonio and adopted Alex.  I’ll post some below:

We like to party.

We like to party.

Random occasion

Random occasion

David's 23rd birthday in Reno, with Joseph.

David’s 23rd birthday in Reno, with Joseph.


Lake Tahoe for David's 23rd birthday.

Lake Tahoe for David’s 23rd birthday.

Our first anniversary.

Our first anniversary.


I did have blond hair once!

I did have blond hair once!

Alex's fresh from the humane society.

Alex’s fresh from the humane society.

Our third wedding anniversary.

Our third wedding anniversary.

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary.  Things have changed a lot since we got married in 2009.  David graduated college, we moved 1,000 miles away from everything we knew, I got my license in skin care in the great state of Texas.  Then David started college again and will be done with his master’s degree next spring!  We bought a house big enough for a very long time which we love.  We’ve rescued three dogs and had a baby, and let me say I think the baby is the best of all.  She opened up this new love for us that we had never experienced before, and never would have without her.  It wasn’t all smooth sailing, but I am glad I was able to share all of this with David.  I can’t wait to see what the next fifty to seventy years have in store for us!



© Carli Garrison and cllgarrison, 2014.


One thought on “597 Memories

  1. Congrats on your anniversary! Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since you and David walked down the aisle. I’m sooo happy for your adorable little family and wish all of you the happiness in the world!!!


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