How About Haze?

We are well into solids!  So far she’s tried sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, apples, mangoes, cauliflower, and banana.  She wasn’t too fond of cauliflower or mango, but it’s possible the flavor was too strong.  She loves rice cereal over oatmeal.  The most fun part of starting solids – and I’m being sarcastic here – is the poop surprise!  You never know what you’re going to get.  The carrot poo stained her skin orange and left carrot flakes on the changing table.  Lovely, I tell you, just lovely.  Also, smelly.  Babies are great, y’all!  

But really, other than her stinky stanky poo, she’s been an angel.  She has started yelling and experimenting with sounds, which is usually when I call someone.  She is so into the world now, it’s funny how one morning they just wake up with a switch flipped and want to grab and see and touch everything.  Especially the things you don’t want them to grab and stick in their mouths, such as TV remotes or cell phones.

She is starting to show affection, too.  She’ll hug you close, and last night while she was sitting in my lap, I gave her a kiss and she put her face in my chest and put her arms around me.  She cuddled in for a minute and then pulled herself back up.  She also gave me a “kiss” on my mouth yesterday when I asked for one.  Granted, I had to ask like five times, but still.  She gave her Grandma Karen a kiss during Facetime when I asked her to, which meant making out with my phone screen.  No germs there, I’m sure.  You can see the joy on her face when you lie down next to her with your face really close, and she turns into you and will giggle.  She is becoming very sweet and even more lovable if that’s possible.

She’s stopped taking an evening nap, so we are down to just two naps per day.  More time to practice crawling and sitting up.  I ordered some new toys for her THANK YOU PRIME and those get here tomorrow.  I’m really excited to see how she plays with them.  

SO in my life, I ruined my iPhone 5.  I spilled water on it from my Gallo Dance Studio water bottle which leaks apparently?  Sad faces all around.  It works, the screen is just weird colors.  Thankfully my contract is up October 22nd, so I can get a new one then.  

I’ve walked with Alex in the morning the last two days.  Today we went at 6:30 before the sun was up at all.  I got a slightly murder-y vibe from the woods, but Alex was on high alert.  He heard every sound and was very ready to rip throats out with his dingo jaws if necessary.  Thankfully, it wasn’t.  He calmed considerably when we could see.  We passed another dog, and it wasn’t bad.  He kind of got in the dogs face though which was kind of rude on his part, but the other dog was really well behaved and I corrected his behavior and we kept on walkin’.  

P&G will be arriving tomorrow at noon, so I probably won’t write until they leave.  I know David is really excited, he likes to show off his super cool/cute/amazing baby.  I’m sure he also wants to show off his app he’s making with Elliott.  He can only show me so many times.  

I’ll leave you with a few pictures.

Pouting and drooling in her sleep.

Pouting and drooling in her sleep.

Chubby baby hand complete with knuckle dimples.

Chubby baby hand complete with knuckle dimples.

She loved carrots.

She loved carrots.

Play time.

Play time.


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Men, Women & Children


I think this movie looks great.  Really makes you think about the world wide internets.  For me, the internet was really born for home use when I was a child.  I used it mostly in school for research, but I remember how much it’s changed.  At home, we didn’t really use it for anything other than AOL where I would chat with friends and check email.  When I got to high school is when things started to change.  I could interact with people who weren’t my friends thanks to myspace, which I joined in 2004.  I could download music FOR FREE, albeit illegally.  By my senior year we didn’t use dial up anymore, so I could IM my friends all hours of the day.  Now we all know what the internet is and we all have it.  And none of us can live without it.

It’s a scary, isolating, alienating, place that can also be wonderful, full of knowledge and exploration, and open your eyes to issues you never even knew existed.  It can raise millions of dollars for charities, while giving thieves the opportunity to steal your identity or credit cards.  It’s a place you can socialize with your “friends” that you don’t really care enough to talk to in real life (IRL) and a place where you can be senselessly bullied and belittled by strangers.  It’s terrible and great and all consuming in our lives. 

One thing I really love about my iPhone is Instagram.  I can share pictures and moments in my life with people I choose, and I can see their memories, too.  It’s also a place full of children, which I really can’t understand for the life of me.  Why are there ten year olds on there?  Surely their parents aren’t monitoring them when they write on Jeffree Star’s photos “your fukin gay go kill urself.”  It seriously makes me nauseous sometimes, seeing what hateful garbage these kids can spew these days.  They hide behind the big bad internet to say things to people they wouldn’t normally say in person.  And why do they have so much hate for a person they don’t know?  What’s going on with them at home that they feel like they should get on Instagram to try to make people feel miserable?  It’s one of the reasons I left facebook.  But facebook is even worse because you get adults saying things like “you’re stupid and worthless.”  They forget people are real on the internet.  They don’t think about that person behind the photo.  

We are so into our virtual worlds that we don’t even remember that there are other people living in it.  It is sickening, and it’s sad.  I really don’t miss facebook at all.  Not even a little bit.  I don’t want to be a part of something that makes other people so rude and IRL makes them distant.  Why is it okay to see a family of four at a restaurant all on their phones?  I make it a point not to look at mine in a restaurant OR at dinner in my own house.  I am worthy of attention face to face, and so are you.  I love the internet for my true love Amazon and google where I can find out anything in three seconds, and I wouldn’t have met David without it.  However, maybe it’s time to look at how much “social” media hurts, and just not let it be normal to crave “likes” instead of real human interaction. 


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Things to Remember

As Hazel is growing and outgrowing things, I thought it might be important to make a list of all the crap I actually used and was vital to my life so I may look back when I’m someday pregnant again.  There is just so much shit out there in baby land that you “need” and really, you don’t need any of it.  Hell, I didn’t use ANYTHING I had packed in my hospital bag except the clothes and the gum.  Granted, my labor was only twelve hours total from first contraction to pushing her out, but still.  So, this calls for another list, duh.

1. Nipple Shields.  I didn’t even know what these were until David researched them and told me I needed them.  I was like, no way those will help me, you are dumb and don’t know anything.  (Hormones.)  Basically they’re these silicone nipples that go over your own nipples while breastfeeding so your baby doesn’t totally just rip them off.  I needed these because Hazel had to be supplemented with formula since I never made enough milk and she obviously preferred the bottle nipple, and didn’t really want anything to do with the real thing.  They are the only reason I was able to breastfeed for six weeks, and I would have probably given up five days in without them.  At about $12 for a pair, it’s something I’ll have on standby just in case I need them next time.  Which, hopefully I won’t.

2. Miracle Blankets. When I was bed sharing, I didn’t swaddle Hazel at all.  So for her first four weeks of life she was never swaddled.  Then I decided to have her sleep in her own room in her crib, so I needed a solution so she would feel secure and sleep for longer stretches.  Miracle blankets really are a miracle.  She loved it!  She would sleep so long I would actually have to wake her up to feed her.  Then I had to wean her from that when she could roll over, which leads us to our next point.

3. Sleep Sacks. It’s basically a blanket that zips up so your baby isn’t sleeping with loose blankets.  Because we all know that if you do that before your baby is a year old it will for sure die and so you have to have some alternative.  I liked the Aden and Anais ones because they’re light weight, and I do live in Texas, ya’ll.  Erin told me they carry these at TJ Maxx/Homegoods for about $10, and she was right.  I got four from there, because they are regularly $25-30 so ten bucks is a steal.  You kind of have to hunt them down though, because they are basically just strewn about the two kids aisles in random places and hampers and shit.  

4. Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack.  Wtf is this?  The greatest thing ever if you spend hours of your day just washing bottles like I do.  You can see it on Amazon here.  It’s pretty much this thing that looks like grass, and was a gift from David’s cousin Karah.  I had never seen it before, didn’t know what the heck it was, and had no clue I needed it.  BUT I DID.  And I do.  

5. Boppy Chair.  Yes, you read that right.  A chair.  It’s kind of like the Bumbo, but that thing is a piece of shit and my baby hated it as babies should, since it SUCKS.  Why this thing is a billion times better is that it’s more like a booster seat.  It attaches to a chair and has a tray, and she just seems so much more comfortable in this.  It also is portable so you can take it to a restaurant so you don’t have to put your baby in their nasty high chairs covered in MRSA.  Plus, it wipes clean, which makes cleanup super easy.  Babies R Us has this a lot cheaper than Amazon, even though it kills me to buy anything without my Prime.

6. Activity Mat.  You can use this for tummy time pretty much from day one.  It is the greatest.  Just plop your baby down on it and go do what you have to do.  Hazel has gotten hours and hours of enjoyment from hers with no end in sight.  I do suggest getting one you can actually wash, because babies tend to throw up a lot when they start trying to move more.  

7. Dr Brown’s Bottle Warmer.  Does what it sounds like.  I love it because I can stick a bottle in there and then go change Hazel’s diaper while I’m waiting, or take the dogs out, or go to the bathroom, or scarf a donut.  You can use it to warm frozen breastmilk or refrigerated formula.

8. My Canon Powershot.  I bought the SX280 before Hazel was born for the shooting modes.  In particular the sports mode, which takes 7 photos in like two seconds or something crazy.  I figured this would be useful with a baby, and it definitely is.  It’s easy to use and I always get great shots.  It also connects to your wifi, so with the click of a button you can see your pictures on your computer.  I usually just take the SD card out and put it in my laptop, so that’s an option too.  I highly recommend it, because it’s only $300 and gives you great quality photos.

Here are some now!

IMG_1042 IMG_1043 IMG_1045 IMG_1074 IMG_1095 IMG_1104

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I Hate Cleaning

Seriously.  It’s never ending with three dogs.  Vacuuming is something I am going to have to start doing every day once Hazel is crawling and moving around.  I would be lost without my Dyson.  And putting away laundry?  Forget about it.  I feel good when I can just get that through the wash.  Pam and George (David’s parents) are visiting next weekend so I need to do a few cleaning tasks a day before they get here Friday.

BUT I am looking forward to having some family here.  We’re hopefully going to the zoo.  I just wish it wasn’t so damn hot!  In case you didn’t know, it’s been 100 degrees here everyday for the past… billion days?  And there is no sign of the heat relenting.  One hundred degrees forever!  Boo.  Pam and I will brave the heat to go to the outlet mall in San Marcos though, because those Labor Day sales are OOC.

Today we took Hazel and the poochies on a walk through the trails near our house in OP Schnabel Park.  It was really nice!  For some reason we’ve lived in this house for a year and a half and have never gone in there.  Doesn’t help that some poor girl was murdered in there in January.  But together we journeyed, and saw several deer not giving any shits about any humans or dogs.  It was so lovely, that I have decided to take Alex for a walk through there first thing in the morning if Hazel gets up at 6 or 6:30.  That way I can get some exercise in before David needs to leave for work.  I got Alex a backpack to carry all my stuff and so he feels like a cool dude helpin out his mom.  

And finally, to my family and friends, we will be going home to IL around New Years.  We will be driving up on December 26th with Hazel and Alex and possibly Sookie and Louie but they are thus far undecided on the trip.  Probably they won’t be coming.  We aren’t sure exactly how long we will be staying, but most likely five or six days.  We hope to see some of you, or all of you if possible.

I’ll leave you with some pictures I took of Hazel today.


Part of our yard.

Part of our yard.

IMG_0976 IMG_0983

She is sitting up all on her own.

She is sitting up all on her own.

IMG_0995 IMG_1029



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A Touchy Subject

By now, we have all been made aware of what happened in Ferguson, MO.  I have to say, I have no opinion on it really, because there seems to be a lot of different things flying around out there.  I only want to say one thing: why does this keep coming up as a racial issue?  People are killed by police all of the time, and there are white and black people that end up “wrongfully” killed.  We had that white college guy here in San Antonio that was shot and killed by a campus police officer last year.  He was also unarmed.  

Don’t let the media make this a racial issue for you.  Don’t let them perpetuate racism in this country as they try to do everyday.  They are constantly trying to divide the country, because it’s better for their interests.  I’m not saying race had nothing to do with what happened, maybe the white officer was afraid of a black kid.  Maybe that fear was planted as a racist seed when he was a boy by family members, who knows?  It is a tragedy that he was killed by anyone, and I can’t say I know any details for certain since I obviously wasn’t there.  Two lives are now ruined.  

I think that instead of playing the race card, which is so easy to do, let’s look beyond that.  Maybe officers should be trained more, maybe personality tests should be done more thoroughly, maybe their roles need to be better defined.  But twisting this into something that will divide our nation is not the answer.