Hazel News

We had Hazel’s Four Month Well Baby appointment today.  It was very interesting.  She is now afraid of strangers.  So, sorry grandparents looks like she may be afraid of you next time you visit us.  She is 15 lbs 12 oz which is 80th percentile, as well as 25 and a half inches long, which is also 80th percentile.  She hated her shots, obviously.  It was even worse than last time, she cried much longer.  I made David hold her down, and when I picked her up she stared at him while crying as if to say, “how could you do that to me!?” which is, of course terrible.  She calmed down the minute we left the office though, and you’d never know she had a bad day now.  Back to the sweet angel she usually is.

We’ve also recently switched from swaddling to sleep sacks.  I’m sure for some babies this is super easy, but not for Haze.  She LOVED having her arms and body burritoed in a blankie, and when you’d put her down for bed, she would put her arms at her side and smile at you, ready to be wrapped snugly.  So when we had to introduce the idea of keeping her arms out before she started rolling over, she was not at all pleased.  She would wake herself up several times in the night.  So it’s been a gradual process, loosening the swaddle every time, never having her arms wrapped.  And  a few days ago I got a few sleep sacks (thanks dad!) and now she can safely sleep.  Here’s a picture from the morning after her successful sleep sack slumber.







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