Here’s Why I Deleted My Facebook (And a Short Update)

Facebook used to be a great tool for me to keep in touch with friends I just didn’t have time to see very often.  And don’t forget family!  It used to be that I’d never get updates about family unless my mom or dad decided to call their siblings to see what everyone was up to.  Those were the old days!  While those things are still the only two positive things about facebook, there are a lot of negatives.

People love to compare themselves to other people.  We’re all guilty of it.  You want to see what your old classmates are up to, but really you just want to see how much more successful you are.  And then there’s the other side to that, when they are more successful than you, which can make you feel bad about yourself.  I tend not to care what other people are doing but I hate seeing how it affects other people.

I could not stand seeing people’s political opinions.  While I was definitely guilty of posting things from time to time, I usually only post those things with other people in mind who might like to see it, not to start some political argument with someone whose opinion will never change.  Then there were all the news stories you get sick of hearing about.  And all of the unintelligent people’s comments that just seem so stupid you can’t even believe they can read to be on The Internets.  It can all just drag a person down.  Especially because a lot of people I was friends with, I genuinely liked, and wanted to see most of their posts.  However, the things they posted would be so annoying I would have to hide them from my newsfeed anyway.  That got old fast.  So why even bother?

While I do miss being able to reach out to family, that’s what this is for anyway!  Anyone can read this blog, but I get to choose what information I post and what I want people to know.


Now in other news: Hazel has been rolling over for awhile.  I put her on the floor today, and she is ready to be moving.  She moves around a ton already, but she is learning how to push with her legs.  Now she just has to get going on her arms.  She can push herself up for five or more minutes.  Then she gets frustrated and cries because she realizes she hates being on her tummy.

We’re hosting a game night on Saturday with a bunch of people I don’t know.  Should be interesting considering Hazel usually goes to bed at 9 pm and they’re arriving at 7.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

Last night, we tried going to Perico’s for dinner (a mexican restaurant) and everything was going really great.  We got our food and I had one bite when the mariachi band walked in.  Major sad/annoyed face.  As soon as the trumpet blasted, it was game over for Hazel.  It scared her SO much it was one of the saddest things I’d ever seen.  I had to take her outside and David had our food bagged up.  Why do they insist on having a super loud mariachi band play inside such a small restaurant?  Even if I didn’t have Hazel with me, I wouldn’t want to hear it either!  Play that crap on the patio.  I don’t like feeling deaf while I’m trying to have a nice dinner with my family, the one time we’ve eaten out in the last four weeks.  Thanks a lot assholes!  David was furious and told the manager that next time they see a young baby come in they should give the family the heads up that shit is about to get super, ridiculously, and annoyingly loud so maybe we could have went to another location.  David said tables all around us were having similar reactions and trying to get out fast.  Maybe we will try again somewhere else in a few weeks.

Anyway, it’s nap time and I have a bunch of other stuff to get done, so this will be all for today!  Hope you all have a great weekend.


© Carli Garrison and cllgarrison, 2014.


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