First Post

Welcome to my new blog!  I’ll be posting pictures of Hazel and probably the dogs and sometimes even pictures of David and me.  I’ll also keep you updated on our lives.  You may even get the treat of some free skin care advice!

So, to keep you updated, I’ll start with the last week.  I journeyed to a faraway mysterious land called Pennsylvania, where the roads are shitty and the people talk like they are from Jersey Shore and everyone is super mad all the time.  Some examples of anger include: a forty plus year old woman yelling at two teenage girls in a parking lot, and screaming at them to calm down when really she was the one that needed to check herself before she wrecked herself; A woman in a nail salon yelling at an innocent front desk associate about how valuable her time is compared to everyone else who must be totally insignificant, and how waiting for thirty minutes for a mani pedi the day before a huge holiday that everyone spends outdoors is TOTALLY unacceptable.  Emotions were running high.  I have to admit, there were also some very nice people too, but the angry and ridiculous people are always more fun to observe.

Anyway, the point of my trip was to see my adorable nephew for the first time.  He and Hazel are twelve days apart (he is older) and it has really been a very sad time for both Erin and me.  Not being able to see your nephew or niece really blows.  Daniel was born at only 30 weeks (full term is 40) and weighed 3 lbs.  He has had such a rough start to life and this has made it really difficult to see each other.  Not to mention she is a 30 hour drive away.  I had to make the decision to leave Hazel for a few days and fly to Philadelphia now that he is healthier.  David’s mom came down to watch the Princess while I was away.  Just so you are aware, he is amazing and such a sweet baby.  He is learning how to smile and you know how I love that goofy gummy grin.

Mostly, I slept in not having a baby to wake up to take care of, and lazed around the house with my sissy and nephew.  It was nice getting to know him and help Erin out.  I love him soooo much and I have only seen him for a total of about five days.  Isn’t that crazy?

Well I’m home now, and I missed my baby like CRAZY.  When I got in the car with her at the airport, she just pouted at me.  It was freaking adorable.  Then she forgave me for leaving her for so long and was all smiles the rest of the ride home.  Now she has completely forgotten I was ever gone.  I was gone Monday through Saturday afternoon, and I think she most likely gained five pounds and grew three inches.  How about she is just a full blown adult now?

All right, mommy duty calls.  It’s bath time for Hazel, her favorite time of day.



© Carli Garrison and cllgarrison, 2014.


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